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Behavioral Health

About our Services

Optimal patient outcomes and clinical excellence are top priorities at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists. With the goal of promoting long-term success and whole body health, we understand the importance of taking an integrated health team approach to treatment. Our team is handpicked and consists of specialists who are compassionate and committed to treatment.

Complexities of obesity affect individuals physically and psychologically.  Our integrated health team includes licensed mental health clinicians because we understand that in order to best treat obesity we must consider both the physical and psychological aspect of weight management and provide care accordingly.

Our mental health clinicians often work with patients to overcome emotional and behavioral barriers to weight management, establish healthy patterns of eating, and promote motivation, accountability, and long-term change.

Mental health services offered include individual, couples, and family psychotherapy, presurgical psychosocial evaluation. Our mental health clinicians also help plan and facilitate support group.

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