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First Consultation

What to expect at your first visit?

We understand how hard it is to walk in the door and ask for help. Iowa Weight Loss Specialists offers a non-judgmental place for you to feel comfortable.  We hope you’ll consider making an appointment with our Medical Weight Loss team so that we can start working together to improve your weight loss and overall quality of life.

  • Access to utilize the SECA Body Composition Scale
  • Consultation with medical provider
    • Blood work to review any possible medical barriers to weight loss
    • Evaluation of health issues as a result of excess weight: sleep apnea, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, etc.
    • Evaluation and implementation of medications to aid weight loss, if necessary
  • Consultation with dietitian
    • Review of diet history, recall, nutrition education and goal setting for follow-up visits
  • Schedule follow-up visits
    • Follow-up visits help you maintain your weight loss
    • Meet with your provider and dietitian to review progress


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