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Weight Loss Medications & Medical Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight involves a combination of lifestyle changes, and for some, medications can be a valuable addition to the toolkit.  In most patients, weight loss medications can help decrease total body weight by 5-10%, and in some cases, even more than this.  Although 5% may not sound like a great deal, this amount has huge health benefits. Those suffering from obesity have an increased risk of medical problems; however, with a healthy reduction of just 5%, a person can decrease the chances of developing diabetes by more than 50%! 

Prescription weight loss medications are medical weight management tools that can help by decreasing appetite, decreasing food cravings, increasing satiety (fullness), or decreasing absorption.  Weight loss medicines are often overlooked as helpful tools to help patients with obesity, and as a result, many patients have never used a weight loss medication.Prescription bottles of weight loss medication available for patients with appropriate conditions at Iowa Weight Loss Specialty Clinic

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, our comprehensive nonsurgical weight loss services are designed to identify the best weight loss plan for you. As an accredited weight loss center and weight management clinic, we can help you find the best weight loss medication and other options for medical weight loss to meet your unique needs and goals.

Are Weight Loss Medications Safe?

Yes, when prescribed by an experienced practitioner the medications are safe, although not all medications are appropriate for everyone. All anti-obesity medications must show at least a 5% reduction in weight and pass a safety profile to be approved by the FDA. The FDA also needs to see the medication show improvements in blood pressure, blood sugars, and cholesterol.  Many patients have tried over-the-counter weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, and diet pills that have not been tested or verified by the FDA and have no data supporting effectiveness.

Not All PCPs Provide Medicine For Weight Loss

Unfortunately, not all primary care providers have the specialized knowledge they need to treat weight-related disorders or are familiar with the range of new prescription medications and weight-loss products. The weight loss providers at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists understand obesity is a disease. It is important to have experienced weight loss providers with a comprehensive weight management team comprised of medical and surgical weight loss providers, bariatric surgeons, dietitians, and mental health clinicians to address the many issues related to the disease of obesity. Our collaborative approach and broad expertise guarantee the best possible outcomes for those who are under our care. Each patient is provided an individualized weight loss plan and we are happy to work with your primary care provider or other specialists to help improve your overall health and sustain weight loss in the long term. 

New Weight Loss Medications Are Available 

As an accredited weight loss clinic, we only offer safe and effective weight loss medications. Unlike fad diet supplements and weight loss pills, these weight loss medications are Food and Drug Administration-tested and physician-approved:

Our team approach and expertise ensure the best possible outcomes for those who are under our care. Each patient is provided an individualized weight loss plan, and we are happy to work with your primary care provider or other specialists to help improve your overall health.

  • Contrave: This is a combination medication of bupropion and naltrexone. Contrave can help with decreasing appetite and works in the reward center of the brain to help control food cravings. 
  • Orlistat (Xenical): reduces the absorption of fat in the gut.
  • Phentermine: The most prescribed anti-obesity medication. It is a stimulant medication that suppresses appetite and may have other metabolic effects. This weight loss medication can also help with food cravings and calorie intake.
  • Qysmia:A combination medication of Topiramate and Phentermine. Qysmia can help decrease appetite and food cravings. It may also change the taste of some foods sometimes requiring adjustments in meal planning but also making it easier to comply with dietary changes.
  • Saxenda/Wegovy: works on specific hormones in the body to help reduce appetite, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce fat storage.
  • Plenity: A non-medication dietary aid taken before meals to take up space in the stomach and promote fullness.

Let Us Help Make Obesity Your Medical History, Not Your Medical Future

The providers at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists are well-trained and experienced in using every available weight loss medication. As a premier center for weight loss, we stay up to date on the latest developments and treatments available to our patients on their weight loss journey. From support groups to exercise programs, any available treatment that promotes weight loss is given careful consideration when creating the appropriate individual plan for our patients.

Join the many people who have succeeded in improving health through our programs. Whether you choose Gastric Sleeve surgery or medical weight loss, Iowa Weight Loss Specialists is here to help you find the best weight loss program for you!

*Cost and coverage of medications can vary. Our staff is dedicated to advocating for the best possible options for our patients.

Learn How Prescription Weight Loss Medications Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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