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Tools for Success

SECA Scale

The high tech SECA Body Composition Scale offers a more detailed look into the type of weight an individual is carrying with the ability to differentiate between fat mass and fat-free mass.  The scale provides information regarding hydration status, body fat percentage and total muscle mass.

Indirect Calorimeter

An indirect calorimeter is a tool used to measure how many calories your body burns at rest each day. It will help with your weight loss success. It is a simple 10-minute breath test performed in our office.

Meal Planning

A meal plan can help you learn how to plan and prepare meals ahead of time. At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists we can provide you with a meal plan specific to your needs.


We will use SMART goals to guide you in your journey to lasting success. SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Accountable, Realistic and Time-Based. Each visit you will leave with two to three short-term goals to work on for your next appointment.

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