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Tools for Success

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists offers a variety of strategies to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Body Composition Analysis

Our advanced scales offer detailed feedback on a variety of helpful data points including body fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, and hydration status. Tracking your progress over time can be a great motivator to keep up with healthy lifestyle changes and determine which changes work best for you.

Metabolic Testing

We use the indirect calorimeter, a simple and non-invasive breath test, to measure how many calories your body burns at rest each day. This tool allows our team to create a highly customized plan to help you achieve healthy weight loss and support long-term weight maintenance.

Weight Loss Medication

There continues to be new advancements in the pharmacological treatment of obesity. Our Nurse Practitioners will work with you to decide if weight loss medication is right for you, and will review available treatment options based on your needs.

Nutrition Education & Guidance

In addition to meeting regularly with a Nurse Practitioner, our patients also have access to a team of Registered Dietitians for nutrition guidance. There is often a lot of misleading information when it comes to healthy eating. Our dietitians can help address your product questions, provide meal planning tips, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Supportive Bariatric Team & Community

Making healthy lifestyle changes is often easier said than done. At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we aim to provide you with the resources, accountability, and encouragement you need to succeed with long-term weight loss. This includes a team approach that draws on the expertise of different providers who are dedicated to providing you lifelong support. As a patient you have access to our  Connections Support Group as well as our private Facebook support group.


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