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What is Medical Weight Loss?

There are countless programs and products that claim to be the best, fastest, and easiest way to lose weight, but in the end rarely deliver on their promises. At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we believe in an evidence-based and patient-centered approach. We utilize tools that have been shown to be most effective for weight loss and focus on finding what works best for you.

Read on for details on what to expect with our medical weight management program.


Medical weight loss is:

  • Regular appointments with a Nurse Practitioner who will review your medical history, address your challenges and barriers, work with you to create a personalized plan to lose weight, and monitor your progress over time
  • Nutrition assessment and education with a Registered Dietitian who will work with your individual dietary preferences to create a sustainable approach to eating for healthy weight loss
  • Access to evidence-based weight loss tools including prescription medications, an advanced scale that analyzes your body composition, and metabolic testing
  • Additional guidance from other specialists including mental health providers and physical therapists


Medical weight loss is NOT:

  • A one-size-fits-all approach that ignores your personal goals and obstacles
  • Expensive and ineffective supplements or diet pills
  • Unsustainable meal replacement plans or VLCD’s (very low-calorie diets) that leave you feeling hungry
  • Unrealistic “quick fix” promises to shed pounds in a very short amount of time



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