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How to Survive State Fair Food Temptations!

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 12:18 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

The Iowa State Fair begins this Thursday and with around 200 food stands and just about everything oh-so conveniently on a stick, it can become very easy to indulge.

Believe it or not, attending the fair can be fun without derailing your weight loss journey. We’ve put together a list of tips for fighting the urge to indulge while not depriving yourself of fair food.

10 Tips to Surviving the Iowa State Fair!

  1. Have a plan. Make sure before you walk through those gates that you know what you’re going to “treat” yourself to and stick to it! Share this plan with your friends so they can help keep you accountable.
  2. Look for healthy food options. While these options do seem limited at the fair, they are there. Check out this list!
  3. Check out the Fair Food Finder App. This app allows you to search food options and see the nutritional values. It also tells you what you need to do to burn off those tasty treats – you may even decide it’s just not worth it!
  4. Hydrate! Make sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself feeling full.
  5. Bring your own healthy snacks and meals in a cooler or backpack. Yes, they most likely will check it at the gates, but telling them you’re on a special diet should allow you to continue through with ease.
  6. Get in some extra steps. Before eating, take a couple more laps around the fair or make one more loop before coming back to the food vendor. This also helps with “impulse” indulgences and over-eating.
  7. Sharing is caring. Share your fare with a friend or two. This means you can enjoy the tastiest items while managing portions. This also allows you to eat more of a variety, so you don’t feel deprived.
  8. Eat before you go. Make sure to eat your main meal before you head into the fair and make sure it’s balanced to help keep you full longer. That way you can have a snack but are less likely to overdo it with the heavier, high-calorie options.
  9. Be aware of oil and fryers! When it’s time to choose a food item, check out how vendors are cooking the food. Look for grilling or roasting over an open flame.
  10. Have fun! The fair doesn’t have to be all about the food. Balance is always most important. Enjoy some treats if you like but make sure you’re planning other fair activities to make the most of this great event!
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