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4 Reasons You May Be on a Weight Loss Plateau

Posted on June 29, 2016 at 1:44 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not uncommon to hit plateaus. It is important, however, to understand and identify why you’ve hit a plateau so you can overcome it to continue to reach your weight-loss goals.


There are a number of reasons you may have hit a plateau. Here are a few we most commonly diagnose:


  1. Not following your diet plan. We all fall off the wagon sometimes, but if you’ve fallen off and haven’t got back on, it’s time to get back on track with your nutrition. Missing one day may not affect your progress too much, but if you go too long without keeping consistent your body will respond negatively and start regaining those pounds you worked so hard to lose.
  2. Not following your exercise plan. Along with your nutrition plan, exercise is an integral component to keeping off your weight. If you’ve found you’re exercising and eating correctly, but don’t see your desired results, it may be time to do something more challenging. Consider a different exercise routine or joining different group fitness classes to keep your body guessing and to keep building muscle to help burn fat.
  3. Not attending appointments. Follow-up appointments are essential for our team to help identify any reasons you may be plateauing. If you don’t attend these appointments, we can’t determine if you’re making progress or need to make some changes to help boost your weight loss.
  4. Internal changes. As your body changes and adjusts to the new you, so will your hormones and metabolism. As these internal changes occur, there may be times where they inhibit weight loss. If you feel this is occurring, we can work with you at your next appointment to figure out how to make the next step of your journey more successful. 


Recent studies have shown that bodies are fighting to regain lost weight. Metabolism plays a key role in how we lose and keep off excess weight. Research has discovered scientific reasons why it’s hard for those who have lost a significant amount of weight to keep it off with diet and exercise alone.  This is incredibly important as we look at fighting the obesity epidemic. Understanding how our bodies react to weight loss and the important role bariatric surgery plays in successful and effective weight loss is critical in helping everyone reach their weight loss goals.

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