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Patient Highlight: Mark L.

Posted on October 12, 2016 at 10:39 AM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists


Before surgery, stress injuries on Mark’s joints prevented him from exercising. Since surgery, he has lost 105 lbs. and is now running over three miles several days a week!


Mark says,At first I was skeptical that surgery would work for me, but it has given me a new life."


Before your surgery, what medical conditions were you suffering from?

I was suffering from low thyroid issues, I was borderline diabetic and I had horrible cholesterol. My triglycerides were over 1,000 and I just felt terrible. I used to also have a lot of stress injuries on my knees and ankles which would prevent me from exercising.


What made you decide to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy?

I was at my wits end. I had tried lots of programs over the years, but the programs would either not work, or I’d injure my knees or ankles and while laid up I’d pack on the weight again. At first I was skeptical that surgery would not work for me, but it has given me a new life.


What would you tell someone who was considering the surgery?

I’ve already referred four people to Iowa Weight Loss Specialists who have had the surgery and are happy with the results. They’ve seen me go through the process and took the step to change their lives as well. I always tell people, surgery is a great tool, but it’s just a tool. You have to make behavioral life changes following surgery to really achieve your goals.


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