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8 Tips for Keeping Active During Winter

Posted on February 1, 2017 at 10:01 AM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists


Cold winter weather can quickly put a damper on your motivation to keep fit and exercise. It can be difficult to get to the gym when it’s literally freezing temperatures, icy or snowing.


Don’t give up or make excuses not to get in a little exercise every day. Not only will it keep you on track to reach your weight loss goals, but exercise boosts endorphins, which can help you stay motivated and energized in the dulls of winter.


Here’s 8 creative ways to get moving if you can’t make it to the gym:


  1. Stair climbers. Forget the machines and go original by climbing up and down a flight of stairs at home. Do a few reps of these for endurance and to build muscle.
  2. Bundle up and walk. It may be cold, but a walk around the block can be beneficial to your mood and fresh air never hurts! Bundle up and take a lap or two around your neighborhood. Bring along the family for some company. It’s a great time to exercise and catch up on the day. Walk slow and be careful of any potential ice.
  3. Commercial break. Get up during commercial breaks and exercise. It could be squats, lunges, a plank or any other exercise. Switch it up each commercial break to something else.
  4. Dance party. Put on a fun 15-minute playlist and start dancing. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget that you’re even exercising!
  5. Clean. Get out the vacuum, broom, and cleaning supplies and work on a couple rooms of your house. As long as you’re moving, you’re getting in your exercise, plus you’ll have a clean house!
  6. Dinner laps. Cooking can sometimes take a while. Don’t stand still while you’re waiting for your oven timer to go off or a pot to boil. Take a few laps around the room or clean your kitchen while you cook.
  7. Errand walks. You already have to run errands, like to the grocery store. Take advantage of the warmth and stay a few minutes longer and walk a couple laps around the store before checking out. Just be careful not to add more to the cart! You can also park farther away to get in some extra steps.
  8. Family game night. Get the whole family moving with a fun game. Write an exercise on a strip of paper, such as sit-ups, push-ups or squats. Put all the papers in a bowl and have each family member take turns selecting an exercise. Come up with a number that you need to reach, such as 10 or 15.
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