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Supporting Your Journey

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 9:26 AM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

Support groups are essential to weight loss success. Whether it be a network of family and friends, an online group or an in-person group, it’s important to establish support early in your weight loss journey. Once you’ve identified your support networks, it’s equally as important to stay consistent with attendance or touching base with your network to stay accountable for  your goals.


At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we provide both in-person and online support groups. Our in-person groups meet quarterly at both our Belmond and West Des Moines locations. These groups are for all of our current and prospective Iowa Weight Loss Specialists patients.


Online groups are very helpful, but there’s something to be said for in-person meetings. In-person groups allow open discussion and sharing of each other’s challenges and accomplishments in a welcoming environment. It provides a safe space to ask and listen to questions; some you may not have thought of yourself. It allows you the opportunity to enjoy the company of those on the same journey and helps hold each other accountable for your goals.


We strive to make our support groups as informative as possible for every attendee. Meetings include discussion topics such as relationships, body image, plastic surgery and more. We offer open discussion time for patients to talk and to answer your questions.


We have a lot of fun during these meetings trying new recipes, sharing stories, and enjoying the company of newfound friendships with those who truly understand because they’ve experienced it themselves.


We’ll be trying a fun Shamrock protein shake recipe at our upcoming March meetings.


Upcoming support group meetings are March 4 for our West Des Moines location and March 7 for our Belmond location. Join our Facebook support group or stop in our office to receive for more details regarding discussion topics, samples, giveaways and guest speakers.


For more information on meeting times and locations, visit our Support Groups page or call 515- 327-2000.

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