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Patient Highlight: Anita Moore

Posted on March 21, 2017 at 2:13 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists


Anita’s excess weight and high blood pressure were putting a strain on her career as a truck driver. After having the surgery, she no longer has to have a physical every three months for work – saving her time and money.


She says: I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! Before surgery I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I had kidney infections all the time and had a lot of swelling in my legs. Diabetes runs in my family so I knew I was at risk for that as well.


What made you decide to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy?
I’m a truck driver and last October I was told by the Department of Motor Vehicles that, because I was overweight, I would have to go through a sleep apnea study to get my license renewed. My blood pressure was high as well so they would only clear me to drive for three months (instead of the normal 12 months) before I would need to return and get a new physical. Not only does this prevent me from working at times, it’s also expensive. Each physical costs one hundred dollars. I’ve tried my best to lose weight, but I just couldn’t keep the pounds off. When a Facebook advertisement popped up about Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, I asked my daughters (one of which is a nurse and the other a nursing student) what they thought and they encouraged me to at least check it out. One of my daughters attended the information session with me and we both ended up having surgery on the same day! Since then, one of my cousins from Missouri has chosen to have surgery with Dr. Eibes. All three of us couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!


Since your vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in which conditions or diseases have you seen a change?
In six months post-surgery, I am off all of my cholesterol medications and only take one-quarter of a blood pressure pill (2 mg instead of 20 mg). I haven’t had a single kidney infection and all of my leg swelling is gone!


What kinds of things are you able to do now that before the surgery were difficult or impossible?
We have horses and I can now stand on the ground, put my feet in the stirrup and get on my horse! Before I’d have to get up on a picnic table, a bucket or the back of a truck! I can now ride a bike and run; my knees and back don’t hurt any longer. The change is amazing!


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