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8 Quick & Easy Craving Crushers

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists


Let’s be realistic. We all get cravings. Sometimes this is a sign that we truly are hungry and need to eat a healthy snack. Other times it may just simply be cravings triggered by a sweet smell, a conversation about food or even an ad on television.


If you’re feeling hungry, even after you’ve eaten, try these quick and easy tips to keep your cravings and hunger under control.


  1. Drink water. It’s healthy and fills you up. Aim to drink 64 oz. of water per day to stay hydrated and full.  
  2. Go for a walk. Sometimes we eat out of boredom. Distract yourself, if you’re able, and go for a quick 5-minute walk.
  3. Woman putting piece of gum in her mouthChew gum. Pick up some sugar-free gum to crush those sweet cravings after lunch.
  4. Take a nap. It’s common for us to confuse tiredness for hunger. If you’re able, take a quick nap or go to bed earlier to get a good nights rest.
  5. Brush your teeth. This is great for those who may feel hungry at night (which again, is probably being confused with tiredness). Brush your teeth after your last meal. No one likes the taste of minty toothpaste and food.
  6. Snack on fiber and protein. Fiber will keep you full longer while protein will help energize you.
  7. Relax. Many times we crave foods when we’re stressed. Take some deep breaths, move around and try to relax.
  8. Give yourself time. Set a timer for 20 minutes. If you’re still craving it then, allow yourself a small bite along with a healthy choice to satiate your craving and move on.


It’s natural to have cravings, but knowing how to keep them in control is key to weight loss success and management.


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