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3 Ways to Politely Decline Food

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 2:40 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists


Holidays can be difficult for some individuals to navigate. Most American holidays center on food, which can lead to stress and anxiety for the individual who is trying to lose weight or who has had weight loss surgery. Food is a staple in our society and often used as a way to show love or affection towards another person. Because of this, it can be difficult to decline food that someone has prepared, especially for you or for a particular occasion.


Regardless of whether or not your family and friends know you are trying to lose weight, with or without the help of surgery, it is always good to have a couple options up your sleeve.


1. The easiest, if you’re comfortable, is to let the hosts know that you will not be eating certain foods or that you can only eat a small portion and to offer to bring a side dish.


2. Redirect the conversation when offered food or asked why you are choosing not to eat a particular item. Compliment the food and then direct the conversation to something else such as holiday shopping or plans for the New Year. 

3. You always have the option to indulge in a small piece or bite as long as it won’t lead to increased cravings for that food later on. Take a bite or two or a small piece and then express how you enjoyed the food but are too full to finish the remainder. 


In the end it is important to remember that your health is your priority and however difficult it may be to turn down food, you need to do what is the best for you. If you know you absolutely do not want to eat dessert, don’t eat it. Friends and family members may be initially offended, but they’ll let it go. 

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