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Top 10 Non Scale Victories With Weight Loss

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 2:16 PM by Jon Hardersen



Top 10 Non-Scale Victories (NSV) With Weight Loss

By definition, a non-scale victory (NSV) is a goal or accomplishment from weight loss that has nothing to do with the number on the scale.  Unfortunately, most people obsess about their exact weight and lose sight of positive changes to their everyday lives. 

After speaking with hundreds of patient’s following significant weight loss, common NSV’s are as follows in no particular order:

Crossing the legs- It’s surprising to me how accomplished one feels when able to do this again

Clipping toe nails- Related to abdominal adiposity decreasing and being able to bend over at the waist easier.  Shoe tying would be much easier as well.

Reducing medications- One of the main reasons, in my opinion, to pursuing and chasing after significant weight loss.  This would commonly include diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol medications which are expensive and can produce potentially harmful side effects.

Getting on the floor- Or perhaps getting up from the floor.  This ADL (Activity of Daily Living) is much easier with weight loss and is rewarding to the individual.  Perhaps most rewarding is when the subject is better able to play with their kids/pets on the floor

Clothing size changes- Although expensive, a wardrobe change is often needed.  People celebrate no longer shopping in the plus size section or fitting into clothes they haven’t worn in several years.

Snoring improvement or elimination-Losing 10% of your body weight can improve snoring and perhaps reduce sleep apnea to the point where CPAP therapy is no longer needed.

Fitting better in an airline seat or amusement park ride- Alleviation of embarrassment and feeling self-conscious allows individuals to further appreciate or enjoy the experience.

Others paying attention- Some are embarrassed when co-workers, friends, or family recognize their weight loss and others love the attention and it keeps them motivated to push on.

Running or jogging- It is extremely difficult to run if overweight for several reasons.  The stress on weight bearing joints such as the hips, knees, and ankles make it almost impossible to run without experiencing an injury.  Several patient’s transition from walking to running slowly and the couch to 5K program is extremely popular.

Increased energy- Fatigue and daytime sluggishness can improve drastically with weight loss over the course of a few weeks.  Word of caution: Depending on the particular weight loss plan or diet change, the fatigue/tiredness may be worse initially because of a reduction in daily calorie intake for which the body is accustomed to.

Never forget that success cannot be solely measured by a scale.  Natural human behavior is to focus on or even obsess about measurable data.  After all, big sacrifices are made to tip the scale in ones favor.  Shifting attention to non-scale victories and improvement in the ease of activities of daily living can be just as or even more rewarding than that pesky scale.

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