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3 Great Apps that Help You Get To Sleep Faster

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 1:20 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists has a comprehensive team for all of your weight loss needs.  Sleep is a very important part of our everyday lives.  Did you know that getting a good nights rest can help with weight loss?  Our Iowa Weight Loss Specialists’ behavioral health experts reviewed the most helpful apps that help people fall asleep faster. Each app has unique components that will fit the needs for a variety of individuals.

People spend approximately one-third of their lifetime asleep or trying to sleep. Given that sleep accounts for a large portion of people’s lives, it is clear that it is essential for daily function. Studies show that quality sleep promotes metabolism, reduces stress hormones, decreases risks of cardiovascular disease, and increases emotional regulation. Despite being necessary, approximately 35% of United States adults have reported that they do not get enough sleep.

If sleep is so important, then why do people not get enough? The stress and responsibilities throughout the day bog people down and sleep takes the back seat of people’s lives. These stressors may make it difficult to fall asleep. People need to bring sleep back to the forefront and make sure they can get quality rest. The following apps help with creating a calm and relaxing environment to fall asleep faster.

#1: Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a great app to allow people to use their creativity to have an optimal relaxation session prior to sleeping. In this app, people can layer and control the intensity of sounds to create an almost scenic environment. With the noises, people are able to enjoy an individualized experience to fall asleep faster. Additionally, Relax Melodies offers the option to purchase sessions of “Sleep Moves” that uses guided gentle movement to help with releasing bodily energy prior to sleep. Purchasing of meditations is also offered within the app.

This app would be suitable for a wide variety of users. Given that each experience is personalized, there would be a sound for everyone. The in-app purchasing of meditations and guided movement also offers another great option that anybody can do.

#2: Slumber

Slumber provides sounds, stories, and meditations to induce relaxation. The story library is filled with interesting tales that are told in a soothing manner. These stories act as a redirection to allow individuals to focus on the narratives and avoid thinking about the many tasks of the next day. The stories range from 25 to 30 minutes to ensure a longer period of relaxation.

This app would benefit people who enjoy story telling experiences. The stories are both relaxing and enjoyable, and are easy to listen to. The only drawback is that you might not stay awake to hear the ending of the stories!

#3: Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis offers guided hypnosis to help individuals relax and fall asleep. The hypnosis will not place people into a trance, but rather will allow people to consciously enter deep relaxation. This relaxation will then help people to achieve sleep faster. The sessions use hypnosis guidance in conjunction with relaxing sounds to create an optimal calming experience.

This app would best fit individuals who are open to new experiences. Most people are weary of hypnosis, which could interfere with the process. In order for hypnosis to reach full potential, people need to believe that it will work. As previously mentioned, the sessions will not detach people from conscious awareness, but will allow for guidance into relaxation.

These apps can be downloaded from the app store on your app device. All of the apps are free for download!




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