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Slow Weight Loss

Posted on December 9, 2021 at 3:26 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists knows that weight loss can be challenging.  Weight loss looks different from person to person.  That is why we have medical providers and registered dietitians to help you on your weight loss journey.  Today we want to talk about what realistic weight loss looks like. 

We hear the confusion and anger in patient's voices when their weight loss is slow, stalled, or worse--weight has been regained!  You may feel like you have been doing everything right (which can be very frustrating) or maybe you aren't sure what you should be doing. It feels like such a natural time to throw in the towel and claim defeat YET AGAIN for what feels like the thousandth time!  You might see social media influencers online whose weight loss is seemingly perfect.  Here's a tip - it's a lie!  They're likely not showing their vulnerable side (and on a side note, unfollow those who make you feel like a failure).  Weight loss is messy, frustrating, and sometimes makes NO sense. Your body is a smart vessel and will do its best to keep you at your current weight. 

Weight loss, stalls, and regains are part of the process.  Just as with anything in life, the journey isn't simply A to B. Weight loss isn't a singular line down from starting weight to goal weight.  

The line will be all over the place!  Holidays happen, injuries happen, overwhelming life commitments and family illnesses happen. Having stalls and regains isn't a sign of failure!  It's a sign you are very human!  How you handle these ups and downs, how you adapt, and how you overcome challenges thrown at you will affect long-term weight loss results. 

Be realistic in your pursuit of your goal weight and long term physique.  Bodies are meant to change and evolve.  Shooting for your high school weight may lead to constantly feeling like a failure because, news flash, you're not a child.  Adults weigh more and that is okay!  Realistic goals are also important.  Are you setting a goal to walk 2 miles every single day, yet you currently don’t walk at all?  You might feel overwhelmed with this as a starting goal.  It is important to set realistic goals and adjust them every couple of weeks or as needed.  

We cannot stress this enough - weight loss isn't the only thing that matters!  You can absolutely lose weight for aesthetic purposes, but many of us are monitoring weight for much more than that including: heart health, joint pain, mobility, sleep apnea and respiratory health. You should always focus on non-scale victories, but maybe even a little more when you're feeling particularly down about the scale.  Are your clothes fitting better?  Are you able to walk further or more easily?  How is your mobility?  Are your bowel movements better or more regular?  How are your energy levels?  How is your cholesterol and blood pressure?  Are you sleeping better? 

Going through a stall or regain?  Do NOT give up, it is a guarantee that this will not help.  The process is slow, but giving up will absolutely not speed it up. If you are sick of starting over, stop giving up.

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists team is here for you every step of the way in your weight loss journey.  We encourage you to come see our weight loss providers to talk about your struggles and successes!  Let's create goals to help get you through the hard times.  We would love to work with you!  

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