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Introduction to Wellness Coaching

Posted on 03/02/2022 at 05:47 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists are constantly looking for ways to help you on your health journey.  Iowa Weight Loss Specialists is proud to offer Wellness Coaching to our patients!  Wellness Coaching is an on-going nutrition and lifestyle counseling program designed to provide you with the tools, goal-setting, and accountability necessary for reaching your individual health goals.  Whether you are looking for new strategies to kickstart your weight loss, get back on track, or just need more accountability, we are here for you.  

Coaching will be offered by Kody Reiser, our Wellness Coach.  He is a registered dietitian and has a background in nutrition, fitness, weight loss, behavior modification, and motivation. He has worked with thousands of clients in his coaching career and is passionate about working with patients using a personalized, tailored approach to transform their health by establishing habits for life-long success. To learn more about Kody, click here.

Coaching sessions are held in-person at our West Des Moines Clinic, over the phone, or via telehealth. 

Choose Your Coaching Style

Fresh Start:  Post Bariatric Surgery Health Coaching 
For patients looking for support shortly after bariatric surgery and want to make sure they start off on the right track.

Bariatric Back on Track Coaching 
For patients who have not been into the clinic in a while, may have fallen off their health plan, and could use some help getting back to healthier habits. 

Intuitive and Mindfulness Coaching   
This track is suited for patients that want to make peace with their relationship with food choices and build the self-confidence to make change.

Medical Weight Loss Support Coaching 
This track offers an in-depth look at a patient’s weight loss journey with a collaborative approach to developing effective step-by-step interventions.

Coaching for Fitness
For the patients that are passionate about exercise and want to reach fitness and athletic goals.

Health Maintenance Coaching
Generalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching for patients that want accountability to maintain their habits and build new ones.

Cost Structure

Initial Consultation: Free
Single Session / Pay as You Go: $50.00 per session 
12 Session Coaching Package: $500.00 

How to Get Started

To schedule an appointment with our Wellness Coach or for further questions, please give us a call at 515-327-2000.

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