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A Walk Through Your First Medical (non-surgical) Weight Loss Visit

Posted on September 7, 2023 at 2:34 PM by Iowa Weight Loss Specialists

Congratulations on taking the first step in improving your health by connecting with Iowa Weight Loss Specialists! Should you decide to schedule a consultation, here is what you might expect at your first appointment: 


Once you’ve completed the online new patient packet, our patient navigator will contact you to schedule your first appointments. The wait time will vary based on provider availability, preferred location and the time that best fits your availability. During this phone call, you will schedule more than one appointment: with the medical provider and a dietitian. If it has been greater than 2 business days and you have not heard from us, please call 515-327-2000 to inquire. 


Your first appointment will be with a dietitian via Telehealth. This appointment is intended to provide an overview of the medical weight loss program. Together, you will deep-dive into your diet history and explore your current eating patterns and behaviors. From there, you will work with the dietitian to identify any challenges or areas of concern related to food. The dietitian will provide you with an individualized plan, education, tools, and resources to help you achieve your goals. You can expect this visit to take 30 minutes.


When you arrive at our clinic for your visit with the medical provider, you will first meet with a medical secretary. They will check you in for your visit, as well as give you a questionnaire to complete while you wait for your visit to start. A medical assistant will then greet you and start the rooming process. First, they will weigh you on our SECA body composition scale. This does involve removing your socks and shoes and cannot be performed on people with implanted electronic devices (pacemaker, dorsal column stimulator). This scale has the ability to identify your total body weight and also your muscle and fat mass. The medical assistant will then take you to an exam room where they will perform a check of your vital signs and review your medical history and medications.


Next, you will meet your medical provider. During this portion of the visit, the medical provider will review your health history and may ask you questions about your weight loss and diet history. Your provider may review your outside medical records or perform laboratory testing if needed. Together, you and your provider will decide on an approach that will best work for you. Your plan may include a prescription medication or a referral to surgery. Some patients opt not to take weight loss medications and continue to see the medical provider and dietitian for a personalized weight loss plan. It may be determined that working with one of our behavioral health therapists is an important part of your plan. Goals and needs of patients vary greatly, and it is our pleasure to work with you in finding what will work best for you based on your situation.  


Lastly, you will check out with a medical secretary and schedule any recommended follow up visits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be there?

You can expect your first visit to last around 1-2 hours from the time you arrive to the time you leave. Our providers place great importance on getting to know you and working together to create a plan for safe and healthy weight loss.


Does my insurance cover my visits?

It is up to you to determine if you have insurance coverage for our services. Most of our visits are billed under medical conditions associated with weight. Most insurances do cover your visits. You will want to clarify your co-pay, deductible, and network to ensure affordability.


What do I need to bring?

Because you have provided most of the information we need prior to your first visit, you may not need to bring anything. However, please make sure to bring your insurance card and photo ID to every visit, if possible. If you have been keeping a food journal, the provider or dietitian may review that with you. It is helpful to wear easily removable shoes for the scale. Write down any questions you can think of ahead of time to address with our team.


Are you going to try to sell me something?

Only that you are worth it! Our clinic does not endorse or sell any dietary plans or products. We do not dispense medications or supplements. We follow evidence-based medicine and adhere to state and federal licensing requirements.


What will I leave with?

A renewed sense of hope and well-being. You may leave with a prescription (sent directly to your pharmacy). We offer a variety of educational materials personalized to your lifestyle and barriers to weight loss. We do not give or recommend “meal plans”. We offer suggestions based on your body’s needs and requirements, and you get to decide what to eat based on those recommendations and your preferences.


Do you prescribe medications?

Your provider may review your outside medical records or perform laboratory testing if needed. Together, you and your provider will decide on an approach that will best work for you. Your plan may include a prescription medication or a referral to surgery.


What is the difference between the medical (non-surgical) and surgical weight loss program?

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists offers both a non-surgical and surgical option for weight loss. To learn more about both options, click here:

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