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Keep Up a Fitness Routine

As the weather starts to change, it’s important to still keep up a fitness routine. Here are some quick tips to keep you moving during the colder fall temperatures.

1. Remember to hydrate. We tend to drink less when it gets cold, but keeping hydrated will help with exercise recovery as well as keep you feeling full. Try warmer drinks like green or black tea, which also have antioxidants to fend off illnesses.

2. Turn fall chores into a workout. You can burn about 135 calories for 30 minutes of raking. Think about other outdoor chores you can spend time doing.  

3. Wear appropriate clothing. As it gets colder, people tend to stop their outdoor fitness routines, like walking. Invest in some nice wind-shielding clothes and layer up. Don’t stop your routine just because it’s a little cooler out.

4. Work out earlier. With the sun setting earlier in the evening it can make people feel like it’s later and feel more tired. Try to get your workout in early so you don’t skip it.

5. Hit the local trails and parks. Fall means changing foliage and beautiful scenery. Grab a friend and find a local trail or park to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Now is also a great time of year to consider joining a gym, if you haven’t already. As winter approaches, joining a gym, especially one that offers fun fitness classes, can help keep you accountable and can have additional support to reach your weight loss goals. 

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