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Now Offering Body Composition Analysis!

Feature From Our Blog:

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists now has body composition scales available at both the West Des Moines and Belmond office locations.

Body composition analysis has many advantages over standard methods of measurement such as body mass index (BMI). The BMI is a ratio of weight to height developed in the mid 1800’s. Although fairly reliable and reproducible, it cannot determine fat from muscle.

These high-tech scales offer a more detailed look into the type of weight an individual is carrying with the ability to differentiate between fat mass and fat-free mass. As with any weight loss program, the goal is to reduce fat to gain health benefits.

The scale sends an impulse through the body and a computer can tell the type of tissue present. The analysis can be done in approximately 20 seconds and provides information regarding hydration status, body fat percentage, total muscle weight, and an estimated resting metabolic rate.

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out how much fat is melting away with all of your hard work? It’s now possible with these scales! Body composition analysis will be performed at every office visit with results graphed, interpreted, and printed out for your records.

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