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Healthy Game Day Food

Fall usually means one thing . . . football. Okay, maybe pumpkin spice too, but mainly football. Football season is in high gear and so are the tailgates and get togethers. Keep your game days fun and healthy with some of these alternatives.

1. Turkey Chili. Skip the ground beef and use turkey.

2. Ditch the Chips and Dip. Cut up your favorite veggies and get an assortment of hummus flavors for a healthy dip. Bell peppers, carrots, celery and snap peas are great veggies for dipping. Not a fan of hummus? Try a low-fat cottage cheese with ranch seasoning for a healthier dip choice.

3. Grilled Wings. Instead of fried chicken wings, make a healthy marinade (lemon pepper, anyone?) and grill up your wings.

4. Make Your Own Chips. Bake up some sweet potato chips as an alternative to regular (sugar-added) store-bought chips.

5. Better Burgers. Like the chili, switch out ground beef for lean turkey or go vegetarian

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