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Support Tips For Family & Friends

We hear often how much our patients’ weight loss journey is not just their own, but their family’s as well. It is essential to your success to be surrounded by those who are going to support your decisions, lifestyle changes and be there to cheer you on and pick you up. The ultimate decision to lose weight was yours, but your family and close friends were most likely a big part of that decision (whether they know it or not).

Whether you’ve already had surgery, started our medical weight loss program, are scheduled for surgery or only attended a free informational class, you need to keep in mind those around you that will also be affected by this decision. To the right are some tips for helping others understand and help you stay on track to reach your health goals.

1. Communicate. Make sure you’re telling your family about your progress, any changes you may need to make or challenges you may be having. They are your support and will most likely be the ones to provide that extra motivation to get you over any hurdles. You don’t need to tell them everything, but give them updates on your progress after check-ups and support groups.

2. Let them ask questions. Let them know that you are open to questions they may have. Children especially don’t always know why things may be changing, so let them ask and be honest with them. They may learn new things and be curious. This also avoids people “guessing” or assuming.

3. Accountability. Ask your family and friends to help keep you accountable. Ultimately, what you do is up to you, but if they know you’re supposed to be exercising three days a week they can help keep you accountable. Ask them to join you while you exercise. It’s a great way to catch up and spend some dedicated time with others while bettering your health.

4. Changes. Successful weight loss is a lifestyle change. While you may have told your family and friends this, it can be difficult when the time comes to make changes. Instead of ordering out pizza for your family night consider finding a healthy alternative like cauliflower pizza crust and veggie toppings. Let them know the fun doesn’t need to stop but the choices made will be different. They may have fun alternatives to try as well.
Your health is most important. While it may be difficult or uncomfortable for a little bit as you make changes with family and friends, keep reminding yourself why you are making these changes, or why you are continuing to make healthy changes.

If you are scheduled for surgery and have family and friends that may not be as understanding, we suggest inviting them to come to one of our free informational sessions so they can hear the benefits of weight loss and the health risks of not making a change.

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