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Feature From Our Blog: Weight Loss Medications

By Alissa Kruger, ARNP

At Iowa Weight loss Specialists, our goal is to provide the best care tailored to each patient. Many patients are unaware of the advancements in medical weight loss. Several medications are available to help patients in their weight loss journey. Phentermine is a medication that has been available for over 50 years. Other medications that can be used are Topamax and Wellbutrin.

You may have recently seen some advertisements for Belviq. Belviq is a new medication in medical weight loss.T his medication works in the brain to help control hunger and cravings. Contrave is another new medication available. It is a combination of two medications we have used in the past: Naltrexone and Wellbutrin. Qysmia is a combination medication of Phentermine and Topiramate that is new to the medical weight loss market as well. 

All of these medications can help a patient lose weight with diet and exercise. Each patient at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists has the option to see a dietitian during every visit. Our weight loss providers also look at patients’ medications that can cause weight gain and make substitutions if appropriate in order to help patients succeed. While making healthy food choices and exercising are crucial to a successful weight loss plan, some of these medications can help patients control food cravings and are useful tools when prescribed appropriately.


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