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Momentum Newsletter: Issue #1-Fall 2021

Does comparing yourself to others have any place in your weight loss journey? I have been working with the Connections support group and it’s a topic that has come up a few times and I think it is important to shine a light on it, as this reflex is amplified among those working on losing weight. 

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Jody Horstman, ARNP, NP-C MS

A message from Jody Horstman ARNP, NP-C MS.

What is your Weight Loss Philosophy?

I believe that every patient’s story is significant and important, and all patients deserve an individualized plan and approach to weight loss. Weight loss, for many individuals is key in improving overall health. My goal as a weight loss  provider is to effectively help people with achieving and sustaining an overall better quality of life.

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At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we believe that support groups are a tool for our patients to be successful. Recently at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we have created a weekly support group called Connections! Connections is a Bariatric and weight loss support group that has been built with the objective...
Iowa Weight Loss Specialists is growing! With growth comes new locations and adding new Medical Weight Loss providers! We now have offices in Ames, Belmond, Garner, Fort Dodge and West Des Moines! We are still offering and utilizing Telehealth visits as well. To learn more about our Surgical and Medical...
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