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Comparing Yourself to Others

Does comparing yourself to others have any place in your weight loss journey? I have been working with the Connections support group and it’s a topic that has come up a few times and I think it is important to shine a light on it, as this reflex is amplified among those working on losing weight. Comparing our path to another’s is a way for our brain to receive information about our own standing, how we measure up and further discover who we want to become. This is likely a reasonable survival instinct that was developed over generations of evolution but in modern day this reflex has a much more negative impact. Today, comparison degrades personal joy, and idea if focusing in on another’s success as a detriment to your own is a slippery slope and is very difficult to stop.    

When we compare, we are balancing out our victories against others, and seeing who comes out as more “successful”. Doing this is problematic because we all have different goals, genetics, lifestyles and much more. Every single person in your life has a different set of priorities and different gauges for what victory and success looks like. When everyone is operating based on different standards and variables, it is pointless to compare as a means of assessing your own journey.  This all to say, it is extremely important to focus on own your path; it will have unique challenges and victories. As you climb there will be people and internal voices that will try to knock you off your trail, start focusing on YOUR steps and keep your eye on the next summit. 

-Kody R. Bariatric Wellness Coach

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