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Momentum Newsletter: Issuse #2-Fall 2021

I have well over one thousand hours of direct coaching and counseling hours and I have found a few similarities with Iowans barriers to healthy living.  The most prevalent is the change from fall to winter. The time change with day light savings, freezing temperatures, the unending urge to crawl into a hole and hibernate for three to six months. Here’s the deal though, your weight loss and health goals don’t stop when the temperature drops. 

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Myth: Exercise is not necessary after surgery to support healthy weight loss.

This is a very commonly held belief among the patients that receive surgery or progress through our medical weight management track. The idea that you can maintain continuous weight loss and good health without some form of exercise is not true for a few reasons.

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Iowa Weight Loss Specialists partners with the Food Bank of Iowa for our Annual Food Drive.  We have two ways for you to be a part of our food drive.  

In-person:  We are accepting donations in person at our West Des Moines office located at 1089 Jordan Creek Pkwy, Ste 216 from November 1-15th! 

Virtual:  Not able to make it in person?  We are also hosting a virtual food drive.  To donate towards our Food Drive goal, please click here.

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This year Iowa Weight Loss Specialists would like to adopt a family in need for Christmas.  We have decided that the family we would like to choose this year will be a patient and their family.  If you and your family are struggling this holiday season please fill out an application.  This is an anonymous to our general staff and public.  

To apply, please click here.

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Javier Lisboa, D.N.P

What is your Weight Loss Philosophy?

My weight loss philosophy is not dissimilar from my philosophy regarding medicine.

I focus on not only treat illnesses, disorders, and medical conditions, but also the human response to them.  Weight loss can be very complex, and it is of utmost importance to take all aspects into consideration when treating a patient, body, mind, and soul. It is important to approach weight loss with a multi-faceted approach, as it is not so easy as an issue of calories in, calories out, it is much more complicated and I try to respect every aspect in the patient’s journey.  All patients and each plan has to be individually tailored, I do not believe in one size fits all when it comes to weight loss.

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