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Fit Tip: At-Home Exercises

“It’s too cold.” “It’s too dark outside.” “I’m tired.” Winter time is the most popular time for people to abandon their fitness routines and make excuses.

Now is the most important time to keep on track with your fitness goals. You may not be able to do everything you would in the summer, especially if you’re not a gym member, but don’t let that discourage you from getting in daily exercise.

Here are a few simple, at-home exercises you can do every day:

1. Stair Climb. Take some time to walk up and down your staircase a few times. Grab a load of laundry while you’re at it to multitask.

2. Leg Lifts. Whether you’re watching your favorite T.V. show or conversing with family, sit and do some leg lifts to help build muscle. If it’s difficult to do these with straight legs at first, bend your knees slightly to help.

3. Light Weight Lifting. You don’t need heavy weights (or weights at all) to benefit from weight lifting. Grab a couple cans from the pantry and work your way up to the gallon of milk in your fridge! Start with a few reps and work up from there.

4. Squats. If these are difficult at first, try sitting and standing from a chair until you’ve built up more muscle mass. Then remove the chair and see how many you can do. These are great for legs and buttocks.

5. Walking. Walk around the house or in place during commercial breaks or while having a phone conversation. Every little bit of movement helps, so no matter what exercise you’re doing – at home or at the gym – just remember to keep moving!

If you need a little more motivation, consider joining a gym or working with a professional trainer. Get your family involved as well as they will also help keep you accountable to your fitness routine.

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