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The first step of the weight loss surgery process is completing a virtual educational class (there are 6 sections that should take approximately 2 hours total). You may choose to watch the videos across multiple sessions, however be sure to note where you left off as the videos do not automatically restart where you paused. Please note watching the class is not a commitment to joining our program. It is a first step toward learning about bariatric surgery and medical weight loss services.

The class is led by Todd Eibes, MD, FACS, and members of the Iowa Weight Loss Specialists team. The presentation covers a variety of topics including risks, benefits, and the process of surgery.  It may be beneficial to have a support person such as a spouse, partner, family member, or friend to watch along with you. 

If you have questions before or after watching the videos, please contact us at 515-327-2000.

In section 6 of the class, you will have access to download the new patient paperwork. This paperwork, along with class completion, is required before scheduling your consultation with Dr. Eibes. 


Listen as Dr. Todd Eibes, MD, FACS, explains more about the free informational classes.

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