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Section 2 - Dr. Eibes Video (Part 2)

Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this section. This video includes the following information:

  • The relationship between reflux and bariatrics including causes, treatment options, and risks
  • Potential for hiatal hernia repair during surgery
  • Surgical implications for the gallbladder and using medication to reduce your risk for developing gallstones
  • Infertility and pregnancy (patients should wait at least one year after surgery before becoming pregnant)
  • Excess skin after surgery and factors that may affect it
  • Eligibility and exclusion criteria for weight loss surgery
  • Surgery approval process and required pre-operative steps (including diet visits, a mental health evaluation, and lab work)
  • Iowa Weight Loss Specialists patient outcomes including body composition changes and improvements in chronic conditions

Please watch the following video to complete section 2.



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