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Section 3 - Nutrition Video

Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this section. Take notes and write down any questions you have for the dietitian at your consultation. This video includes the following information:

  • Importance of developing healthy eating patterns and behaviors for long-term success
  • Recommendations for protein, carbohydrates, other nutrients, and appropriate portions after surgery
  • Fluid requirements and best practices for staying hydrated
  • Caffeine, carbonated beverages, sugar-sweetened beverages, and alcohol restrictions
  • Pre and post-surgery diet stages (important for stomach healing process)
  • Potential post-operative taste changes, food intolerances, and nutrition-related complications
  • Required life-long vitamin supplementation after surgery due to increased risk of nutrient deficiencies
  • Helpful kitchen tools after surgery and recommendations for dining out

Please watch the following video to complete section 3.



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