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Weight Loss Surgery and High Blood Pressure

Iowa weight loss specialist patient checks his blood pressureMany people with obesity also have high blood pressure and may require weight loss surgery. This surgery can offer benefits for individuals with high blood pressure by reducing blood pressure levels and decreasing the need for hypertension medications.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery for High Blood Pressure

Reduced Blood Pressure Levels 

Weight loss surgery often results in lower blood pressure levels for patients with hypertension.

Decreased Dependence on Medications 

Many patients experience a decrease in their reliance on hypertension medications after surgery, leading to potential cost savings and a reduced risk of medication-related side effects. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Weight reduction surgery has more benefits apart from lowering blood pressure. It can also improve overall cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart attacks and advancing heart disease. 

Enhanced Quality of Life

Better blood pressure control through surgery can lead to an improved quality of life for individuals living with hypertension.

Eligibility and Preparing for Surgery

At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, the health and safety of our patients are of utmost importance. To be eligible for weight loss surgery, hypertension patients should meet specific criteria. These criteria involve having a certain BMI and experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure that remain uncontrolled despite trying other treatments.

Before proceeding with the procedure, our team guides patients through necessary lifestyle adjustments, including adopting a healthy diet and regular physical activity. These changes not only support better high blood pressure management but also enhance overall health and well-being. 

Success Stories

At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we have witnessed numerous success stories of hypertension patients who had weight loss surgery and experienced transformative improvements in their lives.

If you or someone you know is dealing with high blood pressure and contemplating weight loss surgery, our team of professionals is here to offer guidance and support.

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