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How do I get started?

  • Before you start any new exercise, talk with your doctor.  Make sure you are safe to start.  Conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and some lung problems need extra care.

  • It takes time to get into a routine.  Go slowly.  Add exercise to your weekly schedule in an amount that you can build upon.  Eventually, you should be able to do some type of structured activity most days.  

  • Think about what activities you prefer, so exercise doesn’t feel like a chore.  If you do an activity you enjoy, you are more likely to keep doing it long term.  

  • Be consistent.  Exercise benefits you more when you keep doing it, instead of stopping and starting all of the time.  Everyone handles exercise in a different way.  If you start to feel bored, look at your routine.  Makes changes you can maintain.

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