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Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

This surgery reduces the size of your stomach to a small pouch – about the size of an egg by stapling off a section of it. The surgeon then attaches this pouch directly to the small intestine, bypassing most of the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.


  • A large percentage of weight loss at 65% of excess in first year
  • Rapid weight loss due to immediate appetite control
  • Good long term weight control
  • Long history of proven effectiveness (most common surgery for 15 years)


  • Most invasive of current surgeries
  • Highest major complication risk
  • Technically more challenging surgery
  • Significant risk of vitamin deficiency and hair loss
  • Longer, 2-3 night hospital stay
  • Longer, 3-6 week recovery
  • Dumping syndrome—diarrhea if you eat too many carbohydrates


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