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Success Stories

Every Journey Begins With a First Step

Woman on weight loss scale - happy because of weight loss

Our patients come from every walk of life, every socioeconomic level, and they range from 18-65 years of age. The one thing they do all have in common is that they have finally had enough.

  • They’re tired of being overweight.
  • They’ve diligently tried every diet under the sun but they just don’t make a big enough difference.
  • They’re frightened by the other health issues that their weight is forcing upon them.
  • They’ve had it with not being able to participate in family activities.
  • They’re sick of how other people treat them and they’re ready to take action.

Our patients are not lazy, uneducated, or lacking in will power. They’re simply stuck and to move forward, they have to make a bold decision and finally take control of their body and their life. Once the decision has been made, and the journey has begun, our patients' stories turn from frustration and fear into progress and hope. 

We would like you to meet some of these brave men and women and hear their stories. You’ll be inspired by them.  You’ll be proud for them. You may find that you’re just like some of them.

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