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Jessica Salas

First Appointment: June 2016
Starting Weight: 265 lbs.
Current Weight: 181 lbs.

Jessica decided to try medical weight loss not just for her health, but to be a role model for her children as well. She says: “Everyday is 100% more positive, beautiful and full of adventure. Life couldn’t be better!”

What changes have you seen since losing weight with Iowa Weight Loss Specialists (changes in medical conditions, etc.)?
I had terrible knee, lower back and hip pain for which I would have to get injections. Now I am injection-free for over a year. Other changes include the things only an overweight person would not take for granted, like being able to cross my legs and tie my shoes sitting down. I can walk 4.8 miles in 50 minutes. The biggest change is getting healthy for my family!

What made you decide to try medical weight loss at IWLS? As I sat down to have dinner one night my youngest child (5 years old) asked “are you going to eat all that?” I offered her some, but she said “no thanks, I don’t want to look like you.” That was my breaking point. I had to make this change. We are our children’s teachers and role models.

Besides the external changes you have experienced, how has your weight loss altered your outlook on life and your relationships? The family support and our all-around happiness is through the roof! My daughters are excited because we are all, as a family, way more active. My older daughter constantly voices how proud she is of me for doing this and my son does as well. My husband loves the new me. Overall, every day is 100% more positive, beautiful and full of adventure. Life couldn’t be better! 

What would you tell someone who was considering medical weight loss? I would tell them to look no further. Iowa Weight Loss Specialists’ staff, from the front desk to everyone else you have contact with, are the most amazing, caring, supportive, uplifting and positive people! At IWLS I am treated as a person and like family, not like a number. I am so very happy here. I’ve been to other classes and have listened to other speakers and IWLS is by far the best. So yes, if you are looking for a supportive, caring team to help you with your weight loss journey, you can find all of this at IWLS!

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