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Faith Hahesy

Surgery Date: July 2015
Starting Weight: 279 lbs.
Current Weight: 187 lbs.

At high risk for heart disease and diabetes, and finding it difficult to maneuver around the free dental service bus where she worked serving school children, Faith decided it was time for a change. She says: “I am so sad when I think about the way I used to feel when I was overweight. I am so much happier now!”

Before your surgery, what medical conditions were you suffering from? Before surgery I was very scared about my health. I had super high cholesterol and my doctor told me that I was borderline diabetic. At 25 years of age, this really scared me! I was also just tired all of the time. I felt like I had no energy.

Since your vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in which conditions or diseases have you seen a change? My health is perfect now! My cholesterol is normal and I’m at no risk for diabetes. I feel great and have tons of energy!

What made you decide to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy? I have always struggled with my weight – I think by the time I was 25 I’d tried 20 different diets. I wasn’t feeling well physically or emotionally, in fact I felt “gross” and sad all of the time. My mother had the surgery with Dr. Eibes in 2014 and has done really well. She inspired me to go for it!

Besides the external changes you have experienced, how has the surgery altered your outlook on life and your relationships? I look back on old pictures of myself and realize now that I was always hiding. I have a naturally outgoing personality so this just made me so sad to think that being overweight had made me so unconfident and reserved.

What kinds of things are you able to do now that before the surgery were difficult or impossible? I’m now a runner! I was never able to run before and now I work out 5 days a week! I’m also so much more comfortable with my job. I work on a mobile dental bus that provides dental services to children at schools. Before surgery it was difficult moving around this crowded bus and working in the small spaces. Now I can fit everywhere and my work experience is so much more comfortable.

What do you wish you’d known before the surgery? The first few months after surgery were challenging because you truly have to re-think your relationship with food. I had to change my perception of food to understand, truly, that food was not supposed to be my friend or make me happy somehow. Food is merely fuel to sustain your body. I now eat to live, not to make myself happy. 

What would you say about Dr. Eibes and the Iowa Weight Loss Specialists team? Oh, I just love Dr. Eibes and his team! They are so nice and encouraging. They continually check in with me and were sincerely excited to help me achieve my goals.

What would you tell someone who was considering the surgery? They’ll never regret it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Life is so much better, so much more exciting!

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