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Julie Brown - IWLS

Surgery Date: 10/19/2020
Starting Weight: 239
Current Weight: 146

What made you decide to have weight loss surgery? I had battled being overweight my entire life; I had tried numerous diets but was never able to maintain my loss IF I made it past the first week. Two friends had great results with gastric sleeve surgery, and they gave me the courage to make the call for more information, and inspired me throughout the process.

How long did it take for you to decide to have weight loss surgery? I had considered it for several years, however surgery was not covered by my medical insurance; I bit the bullet and got a loan to pay for my procedure.

Did anyone either encourage or discourage you from having surgery? I was encouraged by everyone!

What do you wish you'd known before the surgery? The first few weeks after surgery are not easy. I got tired of protein shakes, and I did not realize I would be as fatigued as I was. The pain after surgery was minimal.

What things are you able to do now that may have been difficult or impossible before surgery? Clothes shopping is so much fun! I enjoy walking, kayaking, traveling, and camping on my own.

Which conditions or diseases have you seen decrease or disappear since your surgery? I was fortunate to be in good health prior to surgery. I wanted to avoid developing weight-related health issues that could arise as I get older.

How has surgery altered your outlook on life, your emotions, and/or relationships? I like myself and see each day as a new adventure!

Why did you decide to have surgery with Dr. Eibes?  Friends who are IWLS patients were pleased with their experience.

What would you say about Dr. Eibes and his team?  The staff has been thoughtful, caring, and non-judgmental from the first time I called the office. They are there to support patients in every way throughout the weight loss journey. They worked diligently during COVID to coordinate my pre-surgery visits.

What would you tell someone who is considering weight loss surgery? Make the call to IWLS and get your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Is there any additional information you would like to share?  After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I have maintained within a 5 pound range of my goal. I know that if I should change that IWLS will be there to help.

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