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Molly Rowe

Surgery Date: October 12, 2015
Starting Weight: 254 lbs.
Current Weight: 161 lbs.

After hearing about another person’s experience and thinking back on all the times she had tried to lose weight in the past, Molly decided to attend an informational meeting and schedule her surgery with Iowa Weight Loss Specialists. Molly says: “You won’t regret it! It’s the best decision I could’ve ever made.”

Before your surgery, what medical conditions were you suffering from? I suffered from chronic heart burn and had difficulty sleeping. I was very fortunate that I had no major medical conditions that often are caused by morbid obesity, but I knew I was at risk of developing those conditions.

Since your vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in which conditions or diseases have you seen a change? My heartburn is gone, and I sleep better as well.

What made you decide to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy? I visited with someone who had the surgery done by Dr. Eibes. After hearing about her experience and thinking back on all the times I tried to lose weight using other methods, I decided to investigate the surgery option further. I went to an informational meeting at the IWLS office and decided I was going to follow through with
the surgery!

Besides the external changes you have experienced, how has the surgery altered your outlook on life and your relationships? Since surgery and losing all of the weight, my confidence is much improved. I believe more in myself, and when I’m in front of people I no longer feel the need to hide.

What kinds of things are you able to do now that before the surgery were difficult or impossible? I was a physically active person pre-surgery and now, post-surgery, I finally see the results! I workout
5-6 days a week lifting weights, spinning, running (I CAN RUN!!), and road biking.

What do you wish you’d known before the surgery? I feel that Iowa Weight Loss prepares you very well for surgery. I wish I hadn’t been so scared to seek out mental health services. The IWLS office has someone available and it’s so much easier to be able to go to one place for all of my appointments.

What would you say about Dr. Eibes and the Iowa Weight Loss Specialists team? The IWLS staff are absolutely amazing people! From the time I went to the first meeting I have always felt welcomed and not judged for my obesity. They gave me hope that I would lose the weight and feel better physically and mentally and I do feel much better!

What would you tell someone who was considering the surgery?
You won’t regret it! It’s the best decision I could’ve ever made. Communicate! Utilize the Facebook group, your support team, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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