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Nicole Sutherland

Date of Surgery: December 2017
Starting Weight: 260 lbs.
Current Weight: 154 lbs.

What made you decide to have weight loss surgery?
After gaining 70 lbs in a year due to a fibroid, I came seeking advice from Iowa Weight Loss and went to a Wednesday class.

How long did it take you to decide to have weight loss surgery? Did anyone either encourage or discourage you?
It took about a week thinking about it. Everyone I told, including my husband, was very encouraging.

What kind of things are you able to do now that may have been difficult or impossible prior to surgery?
Biking 25 miles on a hot summer day, crossing my legs, flying with a normal seatbelt, taking a rowing class, paddle boarding...

Which conditions or diseases have you seen decrease or disappear since your surgery?
I was fortunate that I had no medical issues prior to surgery.

Besides external changes, how has surgery altered your outlook on life, your emotions, and/or relationships?
I didn’t realize how bad I felt and how uncomfortable I was.

Why did you decide to have surgery with Dr. Eibes?
I appreciated the entire team and the support that was given.

What would you say about Dr. Eibes and his team?
I love the honesty, support, and care that is given to us, and the Belmond hospital is fantastic!

What would you tell someone that is considering weight loss surgery?
Go to a meeting, listen, and think it over. It was life changing for me,and it could be the right decision for you.

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