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Steve Simonin

Surgery Date: July 2014
Starting Weight: 290 lbs.
Current Weight: 220 lbs.

Iowa Weight Loss Specialists opened in July 2014. Our very first patient was Steve Simonin, President & CEO of our hospital site, Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics. Steve says: “For the most part, people are just really wanting to know if it was worth it, and I can tell you for me it DEFINITELY was.”

Why did you decide to have weight loss surgery with Iowa Weight Loss Specialists? I got to a point in my life where I had to do something. I had been researching the sleeve for awhile, and it seemed like the solution for my issues. Dr. Eibes and crew had the credentials that I was looking for – high quality, experienced, and a very well-rounded program.

How does Dr. Eibes and his team support you? Support groups, calls, the new app (which is fantastic) and again, a very well-rounded program.

Did you have any concerns about having weight loss surgery? How would life look post surgery – how would I deal with issues? Prior to surgery, I ate to “deal” with issues. The group really helped me with the post coping issues. My pre-concerns never came to fruition – they were unfounded. 

What are some differences in your lifestyle now that you’ve had surgery? My life is entirely different – its like I was reborn the day of surgery. I am not ruled by my appetite. I can run again.My clothes fit. I’m confident and happy…everything changed.

Any additional comments you would like to add? Before the surgery a five pound weight loss was a big deal, and I was hungry all the time. Life just gets better daily since I’ve had the surgery. I would completely and absolutely recommend this to anyone struggling with a weight issue.

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