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Free Surgical Weight Loss Class

Register for our Free Online Weight Loss Surgery Class

Ready to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey?

Taking the first step toward reaching your weight loss goals is fast, easy, and can be done on your own schedule! The first step in beginning the weight loss surgery process is to watch our free online weight loss surgery class. Viewing the class isn’t a commitment to joining our program, but rather a chance for you to get detailed information about bariatric surgery and what to expect throughout the surgery process with Iowa Weight Loss Specialists. 

This initial step in the surgical weight loss program provides you with the chance to get detailed information about surgery for weight loss, the Gastric Sleeve surgery process, and our expert team. Bariatric sleeve surgery is a big decision, and we want to ensure that each patient is fully informed, confident, and excited about their decision to undergo surgery for losing weight.

The class is led by our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Todd Eibes, MD, FACS, and members of the Iowa Weight Loss Specialists' weight loss clinic team. It can be beneficial if your support person is able to watch the free weight loss class with you.

Listen as Dr. Todd Eibes, MD, FACS, explains more about the free informational class.

If you have questions before or after watching the class, please contact us at 515-327-2000.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our weight loss center's accredited weight loss services.

Whether you choose to pursue weight loss surgery or medical weight management, Iowa Weight Loss Specialists is here for you every step of your weight loss journey. From creating your customized weight loss plan through weight loss surgery to ongoing support, we’re here to be your healthy weight loss partner.

Take The First Step With A Trusted Center for Weight Loss

Register for the Free Online Weight Loss Surgery Class

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