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Medical Weight Loss

A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution

Our team at Iowa Weight Loss Specialists is dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives. For patients who do not qualify for bariatric surgery or prefer a non-surgical option for weight loss, our medical weight loss program provides an effective alternative. It combines the use of prescription weight loss medication with ongoing support from a team of clinical specialists to help you achieve and maintain weight loss.  

At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we believe in a holistic, comprehensive approach to health and well-being. We understand that weight loss is a complex process and that there is a lot of conflicting and misleading information out there. We will listen to your concerns and provide the knowledge and resources you need to be successful with long-term weight management. We will help you to improve your relationship with food, build the confidence and motivation to make life-long changes, and reach your goals with healthy weight loss.

Consistency, not perfection, is our goal. The path to a healthier you begins with one small step. Start now by registering for your initial medical weight loss consultation below.


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