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Weight Loss Surgery

Is it Time for a Transformation?

If you’ve faced challenges losing weight and keeping it off, weight loss surgery could be an option for you. Gastric sleeve surgery facilitates weight loss by curbing hunger and limiting food intake. It’s important to note that surgery for weight loss isn’t a rapid solution, but rather an effective tool for enabling individuals struggling with obesity to achieve substantial weight reductions. 

If you do make the choice to consult a weight loss surgeon in order to attain your weight loss goals, Iowa Weight Loss Specialists have some of the best weight loss surgery and aftercare options in the Midwest.

Stomach surgery for losing weight has the potential to enhance a patient’s overall quality of life by improving mobility and boosting self-image. Additionally, it often alleviates obesity-related medical conditions like:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sleep Apnea
  • High Cholesterol
  • Arthritis

Opting for weight loss surgery is a significant decision that demands careful consideration. It involves a lifelong commitment from both the weight loss doctors and the patient. We focus on assisting you in modifying behaviors, aiming not only for initial weight loss but also long term success in maintaining that weight loss. Our bariatric surgery team is dedicated to helping you sustain your long term weight loss and live the active life you deserve. 

“I had really bad reflux, daily swelling in my legs, and constant pain. None of those things are an issue anymore.”

Key Components Of Our Weight Loss Services

At Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, we perform the Gastric Sleeve procedure as we believe it offers the most benefits over other types of weight loss surgery. As an accredited weight loss clinic, we offer comprehensive care before, during, and after your surgical weight loss procedure. Key features of our weight loss center include:

  • A bariatric surgeon, Dr. Todd Eibes, with extensive experience in performing weight loss surgery and directing weight loss programs
  • A surgical site, Iowa Specialty Hospital, which is a national leader in patient satisfaction
  • A dedicated team of experienced weight loss specialists including registered dietitians and behavioral health providers
  • Access to body composition analysis tools to help you understand your body mass index (BMI) number and create a highly-personalized weight loss plan for you
    free weight loss class to help you decide if bariatric sleeve surgery is right for you
  • Support groups to connect with fellow patients and discuss life changes after weight loss
  • Lifelong follow-up care and support, including post-surgery medical weight management services, if necessary

Watch the video below, to learn more about how weight loss surgery benefited Brad, a patient at Iowa Weight Loss.

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Deciding on weight loss surgery is a huge step, and as a leading weight loss clinic in Iowa, we aim to ensure the entire process is clear and supportive. From our introductory free weight loss class through surgery to continuous support and resources, we are committed to assisting you at every stage of your healthy weight loss journey!

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