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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Picture of human organs showing the amount of stomach removed during a gastric sleeve surgery

The Gastric Sleeve procedure is now the most popular weight loss surgery performed in the United States. The surgery involves removing approximately 75% of the stomach laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a sleeve, which helps with weight loss by restricting food intake.

Why We Perform the Gastric Sleeve

Although we are aware that there are other surgical options (like Gastric Bypass and Lap-Band), Iowa Weight Loss Specialists performs the Gastric Sleeve because we believe the advantages of the surgery are greater and the major post-operative risks are lower than the other options. Read the advantages of the Gastric Sleeve below.

  • Performed laparoscopically
  • Average weight loss is 60% of excess weight in first year
  • Rapid weight loss due to immediate appetite control
  • Short, 45 minute surgery
  • Short, 1-2 night hospital stay
  • Decreases Ghrelin appetite hormone
  • Controls portion sizes
  • Decreased pain (Usually pain medication only needed for 7-10 days)
  • Shorter recovery time (Most return to work in 2-3 weeks)
  • Decreased nutritional deficiency because the intestine absorbs normally
  • Eat much more naturally
  • No food catching as in Lap-Band
  • No foreign body or plastic as in Lap-Band
  • No dumping as seen in Gastric Bypass
  • Significantly lower complications than Gastric Bypass


Watch the video below featuring Dr. Eibes, speaking about the advantages of the Gastric Sleeve.

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